Tiffany Harris, PhD, MS

Director, Strategic Information Unit

Dr. Tiffany Harris is an epidemiologist and public health professional with 20 years of experience in research, surveillance, data dissemination, program evaluation, and management in a range of infectious and non-infectious diseases. She spent nearly a decade at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, working initially on controlling TB, then rising to Assistant Commissioner to oversee its Bureau of Epidemiology Services. Dr. Harris focused on implementing targeted public health strategies for a large urban population struggling with addiction, homelessness, chronic illnesses, and infectious diseases. Armed with this extensive experience, Dr. Harris pivoted in 2015 to bring her skills in research and public health implementation to global challenges.

ICAP provided the ideal synthesis of research in an academic center with a focus on effective applied public health solutions. As ICAP’s Director of Strategic Information, Dr. Harris oversees the assessment and implementation of country- and project-specific monitoring, evaluation, surveillance, and informatics activities along with overseeing research projects in countries around the globe. She directs the Strategic Information (SI) Unit team at ICAP based at the Mailman School at Columbia and also provides insight and direction to extensive teams in Africa, working on dozens of projects supported by PEPFAR, CDC and other funders. From Zimbabwe and Ethiopia, where Dr. Harris is principal investigator on projects to improve SI including HIV surveillance and health information systems, to a new global health security project in Kenya, Dr. Harris is continually coordinating and directing the SI Unit team as it designs and refines data gathering strategies and analysis to improve health outcomes for people around the world.

Each spring, Dr. Harris teaches a course in the epidemiology of infectious diseases and throughout the year she works with students as part of their practica or theses. With a deep background in both domestic and global epidemiology and public health problem-solving, she is a mentor for the next generation of public health professionals.