In Tajikistan, ICAP is working with the Ministries of Health and local HIV service providers to achieve and sustain HIV epidemic control by introducing evidence-based, innovative, scalable interventions, developing effective and responsive analytic monitoring and evaluation capability, and training and empowering service providers to provide quality, equitable, and compassionate health services.


Technical Assistance to Central Asian National HIV Programs to Achieve and Sustain HIV Epidemic Control

  • Multi-Country,
  • current
ICAP, in partnership with the Kyrgyz and Tajikistan Ministries of Health, the national and local AIDS centers, and primary health care facilities, is building national and local capacity to provide high-quality HIV prevention, testing, and treatment services for people living with HIV and key populations in PEPFAR-supported priority regions. Through this project, ICAP provides enhanced ...

ICAP in Tajikistan

Program Start
  • 2010
Key Technical Areas
  • Capacity Building of Health Workforce

  • Monitoring and evaluation

  • Surveillance

Current Funders
  • PEPFAR / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Country Representative

Zumrad Maxumova, MD, PhD

Dr. Maxumova is ICAP’s country representative in Tajikistan. She has over 20 years of experience in management, planning, creating strategic partnerships, and implementing resource mobilization strategies within HIV/AIDS and TB programs. Before joining ICAP, she was the country director for USAID’s TB Control Program in Tajikistan and, prior to that, the TB Grant Manager for UNDP in Tajikistan. In these roles, Dr. Maxumova led the process of establishing a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system for Tajikistan’s National TB Program and initiating the organization of M&E training courses in the country. In addition, Dr. Maxumova has provided technical support to the Tajikistan National TB Program through the management and capacity building of program staff and the implementation of different initiatives such as establishing a TB laboratory network, TB in prison, TB/HIV initiatives, and more.

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