In the Republic of Georgia, ICAP is working with the CDC and the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs to expand capacity for respiratory disease surveillance through wastewater-based surveillance and improved sentinel surveillance.

Additionally, in collaboration with CDC and Training Programs in Epidemiology and Public Health Interventions Network (TEPHINET), ICAP will also support a regional Intermediate Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP) for public health and veterinary specialists from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine, which will aim to build epidemiologic and public health capacity in and ensure there are experts who can address major health threats when they arise.  


Enhancing Global Health Security: Strengthening Public Health Surveillance Systems and Preparedness Globally

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ICAP at Columbia University is launching a national surveillance program that will address gaps in Georgia’s public health system by tracking the presence of SARS-CoV-2 and other pathogens through wastewater-based surveillance.   ICAP will also support a regional community of practice on respiratory disease surveillance, where participants from Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan will receive in-person ...

ICAP in Georgia

Active Years
  • 2017 – 2018
  • 2022 – present
Key Technical Areas
  • Antimicrobial Resistance
  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • COVID-19
  • Global Health Security
  • Training and Education
  • Capacity Building 
Current Funders
  • U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Country Representative

Ekaterine Pestvenidze, MD, MS, PhD

Dr. Ekaterine Pestvenidze is a public health professional with over 20 years of experience in development programs management and cooperation with global public health leaders. Ekaterine is a medical doctor with a master’s degree in public health/epidemiology and a doctoral degree in reproductive health. She possesses substantial experience in providing technical expertise support to the UN international public health agencies (i.e., WHO, UNFPA, UNICEF), in providing advisory support to ministries of health, in designing and executing national health system reforms, policy documents, national-level strategies, establishing strong interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral collaboration with donors, academic institutions, local governments, and civil society. Ekaterine deeply understands major trends, practices, and challenges in public health and overall health system management and delivery.

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