ICAP has worked in Malawi since 2011, collaborating with national governments, district health management teams, individual health facilities, educational institutions, and local non-governmental organizations to strengthen health systems.



CQUIN Project for Differentiated Service DeliveryDistricts (or national):NationalLive Now

Covid-19 Sentinel SurveillanceDistricts (or national):Blantyre,Zomba,Lilongwe,Ntchisi,Karonga,Rumphi,Mzimba,NkhatabayLive Now

ITF FUNDS – COVID-19 ResponseDistricts (or national):NationalLive Now

Population-Based HIV Impact Assessment (PHIA)Districts (or national):NationalLive Now

Quality Improvement Capacity for Impact Project (QICIP)Districts (or national):NationalLive Now

Resolve to Save LivesDistricts (or national):Rumphi,MzimbaLive Now



Global Nurse Capacity Building Program (GNCBP), Nursing Education Partnership Initiative (NEPI)Live Now

Global TA: Rapid Test Quality Improvement InitiativeLive Now

ICAP IN Malawi

Program Start
  • 2011
Key Technical Areas
  • Capacity Building of Health Workforce

  • Monitoring and evaluation

  • Nursing and midwifery

  • Nurse Education

  • Surveillance

Current Funders
  • PEPFAR / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 

Country Representatives
  • Dr. Felix Kayigamba

Jobs in Malawi

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