The recent crisis in Venezuela has led over 6 million people to leave the country including many individuals living with HIV in need of life-saving antiretroviral treatment. Reports indicate that Venezuelan migrants living with HIV are arriving to their host countries in poor health, and migrants not living with HIV lack access to prevention and testing services needed to ensure they remain HIV negative. Public health experts warn that this situation has the potential to undo significant progress toward epidemic control that has been made in the region. 

Colombia is host to nearly two million Venezuelan migrants. ICAP is working with AID for AIDS (AFA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Ministry of Health to ensure Venezuelan migrants living in Lima have access to the full spectrum of HIV prevention, care, and treatment services.


Programmatic Support Award (PSA)

  • Multi-Country,
  • current
Building on over 15 years of partnership between ICAP at Columbia University, PEPFAR, and CDC, the Programmatic Support Award provides rapid, flexible technical support to accelerate evidence-based HIV prevention and treatment program implementation and align health systems strengthening activities. ...

ICAP in Colombia

Program Start
  • 2021
Technical Areas
  • HIV Prevention
  • HIV Care and Treatment
  • HIV Testing and Counseling
  • Migrant health
Current Funders
  • PEPFAR/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Principal Investigator

Elaine Abrams

Dr. Elaine Abrams is a global thought leader in the prevention and treatment of HIV infection and associated infectious diseases in pregnant women, children, and families. A professor of epidemiology and pediatrics at Columbia University, she was a founding member of ICAP at Columbia University. As part of ICAP’s core leadership team, Dr. Abrams is senior research director, supporting ICAP’s global research with a growing portfolio of studies of HIV prevention, care, and treatment. As an independently funded research scientist, Dr. Abrams also leads a number of studies optimizing HIV treatment and prevention across the life course for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding and for infants, children, and adolescents.

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