Empowering women and girls with access to sexual and reproductive health services, including family planning and HIV testing and counseling, can be an effective strategy in the drive to achieve HIV epidemic control. In Zambia, ICAP is partnering with the Ministry of Health to test innovative models of service provision and ensure sufficient numbers of well-trained nurses and midwives to support national health priorities. Additionally, ICAP provided technical assistance for the Zambia HIV Population-based HIV Impact Assessment (ZAMPHIA) survey in 2016 and an integrated bio-behavioral survey among key populations.



CQUIN Project for Differentiated Service Delivery

Integrated HIV Bio-Behavior SurveyDistricts (or national)Lusaka,Copperbelt,Southern,Eastern,Northwestern provinces

Programmatic Support AwardDistricts (or national)Southern,Eastern,Western provinces

Quality Improvement Capacity for Impact Project (QICIP)


ESIS Task Order 4

Evaluating HIV Self-Testing Among Adolescent Girls and Young Women

Global Nurse Capacity Building Program (GNCBP), Nursing Education Partnership Initiative (NEPI)

Global TA


Optimizing Momentum Toward Sustainable Epidemic Control (OpCon)

Population-based HIV Impact Assessment (PHIA)


ICAP in Zambia


Program Start
  • 2005
Key Technical Areas
  • Capacity Building of Health Workforce

  • HIV Care and Treatment

  • Maternal and Child Health / PMTCT

  • Nurse Education

  • Surveillance
Current Funders
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • PEPFAR / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • PEPFAR / Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA)

Country Director

Job Daniel Mwanza, MD, PgDLM, MPH

Dr. Job Mwanza is the acting country director for ICAP in Zambia. He has been instrumental in providing overall technical guidance to the ICAP in Zambia team by ensuring technical assistance is provided to the Ministry of Health and other implementing partners to strengthen health systems and provide quality health care to communities as Zambia progresses towards HIV epidemic control.

Dr. Mwanza has vast experience as a clinician providing expert support in HIV and TB programming and implementation to the Ministry of Health and other implementing partners, ensuring quality HIV prevention, care, and treatment.

Before joining ICAP, Dr. Mwanza held several management roles in the public and private health sectors, mainly serving rural underserved resource-limited communities. He also worked as a clinician and director at the Zambia Ministry of Health, supporting clinical and non-clinical teams to ensure quality health care and prudent management of scarce health resources.

Dr. Mwanza holds a master’s degree in public health from Cardiff University in the United Kingdom, where he is an honorary lecturer. He also has a postgraduate diploma in leadership and management.

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