Our Approach to Global Health Challenges & Solutions

Leveraging 20 years of experience, ICAP applies four key approaches to tackle the world’s public health issues. Through innovative research, wide-ranging services and programs, effective training and education, and strategic impact measurement, ICAP helps to create better, more accessible, health services to people and communities. Drawing on lessons learned from the global HIV response, ICAP applies our expertise to address other challenges such as malaria, tuberculosis, non-communicable diseases, and maternal and child health.


ICAP supports evidence-based solutions aimed at addressing some of the world’s most challenging health issues, including HIV/AIDS, COVID-19, tuberculosis, malaria, emerging infections, non-communicable diseases, maternal and child health, and more. Through strategic partnerships and innovative projects, ICAP works alongside a diverse range of stakeholders to strengthen health systems and improve health outcomes in communities, countries, and regions around the world.


ICAP is at the forefront of research generating new knowledge to improve access to and quality of health services, strengthen delivery mechanisms, and evaluate public health interventions. Leveraging years of experience and a committed cadre of accomplished experts, ICAP designs, implements, monitors, and evaluates a range of innovative implementation science, epidemiological, and clinical research studies. To ensure sustainability of this pragmatic research, ICAP provides training and mentorship in the countries where it works.

Training & Education

ICAP’s diverse training and mentoring programs enhance the skills of nurses, doctors, laboratorians, lay health workers, and health managers with the goal of addressing critical gaps in human resources for health. By educating and empowering new generations of health workers, ICAP helps to enable strong, sustainable health systems that can effectively serve their populations even in a rapidly changing landscape.


Impact Measurement

Global health progress depends on reliable data and penetrating analysis to inform policies and target programmatic resources. Across the globe, ICAP undertakes large-scale, innovative impact measurement initiatives, strengthens data quality, and designs and introduces state-of-the-art health information systems that equip ministries of health for evidence-based decision-making around critical health challenges.