The Zimbabwe Daily quoted Dereck Mpofu and Albert Nyathi, creators of the ICAP-commissioned COVID-19 anthem, “Apart/Together – We Stand Strong Against COVID-19,” in a May 13 article on the origins and impact of the song.

The seven-minute song blends English, Shona and Ndebele lyrics, and was made possible by a generous philanthropic gift from business leader Dr. Bing Zhao.

“It is always an honour working with the great Albert Nyathi and learning at the feet of the icon while doing a great cause. It is always an honour spreading awareness in the most unique way while providing people with entertainment at such a difficult time,” Mpofu said on his Facebook page.

“This song celebrates the power of the community to overcome a disease that is pushing us apart while also serving to inform listeners of the steps they can take to protect themselves and their community from COVID-19,” Nyathi said. “I hope this song empowers people to feel hopeful of their role in surmounting this crisis. It is my pride to continue to work with this gifted young musician, Dereck Mpofu, with our teamwork allowing us to make a difference once again. It is our honour to save humanity. I hope this song empowers people to feel hopeful and take the actions they need to take so we can all surmount this crisis.”

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