A recently launched survey led by Wafaa El-Sadr, MD, MPH, MPA, global director of ICAP, was featured in an Oct 8 article in The New York Times. The project aims to provide a snapshot of the mental well-bring of elderly NYC residents living in communities hard-hit by COVID-19. Beginning in November 2020, the survey will assess senior citizen’s access to food and health services, their financial security, their mental health, and their willingness to obtain supportive services through phone interviews with 1,500 individuals, aged 70 years and above.

“There’s been so little information about these older individuals, and getting information about them and the impact of Covid on their lives, but also, more importantly, what their needs are, will be very critical,” Dr. El-Sadr said. “The goal is to better inform a proactive response among service providers and government agencies to assist older adults during the pandemic.”

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