COVID-19 quarantine measures are expected to last an average of six weeks from the outbreak in each country, and it will probably take at least 12 months for the vaccine, according to Juliana Soares Linn, MD, MPH, MSc, deputy director of disease prevention at ICAP, in a March 23 Q&A for Greek outlet Kathimerini.

“Since February 10, two weeks after the outbreak, fewer than 1,000 cases have been reported per day, and less than 50 cases have been reported since March 7. Today, March 20, China has not reported any new domestic coronavirus infections. Assuming the U.S. and other countries apply a similar response, social distancing will be mandated until the incidence is reduced to less than 1,000 per day and then recommended until there are less than 100 cases per day. With reference to the timetable of the epidemic in China, this means six weeks after the peak, which may vary by country.”


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