Strengthening the Strategic Information Capacity of the Ministry of Health in Support of HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Treatment

ICAP is working in collaboration with the Ministry of Health (MOH) and its National AIDS Control Program to strengthen the collection, management, and use of HIV data, including epidemiological and program data. Key objectives of the award include enhancing national HIV strategic information planning and implementation; advancing HIV surveillance priorities; strengthening data quality improvement (DQI) initiatives; developing a secure, functional National Data Repository (NDR); and promoting strategic use of data for patient care and program-level decision making. By project end, the DRC will use electronic data to capture national HIV program data and support health zone and health facility staff to consistently generate high-quality strategic information, enhance the capacity of MOH staff to utilize program and surveillance data to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of HIV prevention, care, and treatment programs, and pilot the use of open-source or other cost-efficient informatics solutions to build the foundation for case surveillance in the DRC.




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Funded by PEPFAR through CDC


HIV, TB, Maternal and child health