Promoting HIV Testing and Linkage to Care in Cross-Border Migrants in Lesotho (LeMiST)

This study will explore the use of community or home-based testing, including self-testing (HIVST) and preferences for linkage to confirmatory testing and treatment in cross-border migrants in Lesotho, a country with very high HIV prevalence as well as high rates of mobility. Through our research done as part of the Lesotho Population-based HIV Impact Assessment (LePHIA) in 2020, we found that Lesotho has made significant gains in terms of HIV viral load suppression overall. Still, recently migrated people were significantly less likely to be virally suppressed, mainly due to a lack of awareness. The Ministry of Health has been rolling out HIVST as a strategy to reach men and populations who do not usually access health care. However, an increase in testing is insufficient as a public health strategy if the barriers to treatment mean that knowledge of status does not translate into engagement in antiretroviral treatment and viral suppression, diminishing the clinical and epidemic control benefits.




Our Approach


Health Challenges





migrants, cross-border migration