Mauritania TA

ICAP provides technical assistance (TA) to the Government of Mauritania to strengthen national public health emergency preparedness and response. Since 2022, ICAP has actively collaborated with the government and multilateral partners, specifically the World Health Organization (WHO), to provide TA in three key areas:

  1. World Bank Pandemic Fund: ICAP is supporting the Mauritania Ministry of Health through the WHO to develop a proposal to apply for the World Bank Pandemic Fund. The proposal will secure funding to strengthen pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response capacity in the country and address critical gaps in the national health system.
  2. Bednet Distribution Campaign: ICAP is supporting TA to develop an M&E framework for a bednet distribution campaign. ICAP is assisting and supporting the configuration of a digitized data collection system to monitor bednet distribution activities.
  3. Transforming African Surveillance Systems (TASS) Flagship Project: As part of this flagship project, ICAP is developing a comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) plan for Mauritania. This will include the development of training materials and delivery of a training of trainers (TOT) program on M&E with the aim of strengthening capacity in data collection, analysis, and decision-making and improving public health surveillance and response systems in Mauritania.