Global Technical Assistance

ICAP provided support and technical expertise to the national public health system in the following areas:

Supported a national HIV drug resistance survey to assess prevalence and patterns of acquired drug resistance and pre-treatment drug resistance.

Supported the enhancement and expansion of a national District Health Information System (DHIS2) data warehouse to support HIV surveillance.

Helped develop a customized electronic HIV patient register and supported capacity building.

Assisted in estimating the national prevalence of physical, emotional, and sexual violence perpetrated against boys and girls in Lesotho with the Violence Against Children Survey.

Supported the evaluation of the HIV treatment cascade among pediatric populations and systems strengthening for tracking children living with HIV.

Supported the evaluation of integrated Tuberculosis (TB)/HIV services in health facilities in Lesotho including support for improved TB infection control.

Helped establish a public-private partnership between the Lesotho Ministry of Health and mining companies to provide treatment for workers and strengthen Lesotho’s National TB Program.

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