Courage to Care

A conference promoting nurses as leaders in pandemics — and beyond

October 15, 2020


Self-Care in a Crisis

CRAIG SPENCER, Director of Global Health in Emergency Medicine, New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center

As a survivor of Ebolavirus disease and director of a busy emergency health unit in New York City, Dr. Spencer knows how difficult it can be to take care of yourself while caring for others. In this workshop, he will provide actionable tips and tricks on how health workers can care for themselves in the midst of emergency contexts.

How to Build Engaging Virtual Trainings for Health Workers

CLAIRE STEINER, Health Information Adviser, ICAP at Columbia University

In the wake of COVID-19, education has changed dramatically, with many educators pivoting to remote learning technologies to hold classes, workshops, trainings, and other activities. For nurses and health workers at-large, this sudden shift has compelled them to rapidly adapt to new ways of communicating health materials normally delivered in-person to patients and their loved ones, other health workers, and communities. And all of this at a time where many health workers, the backbone of the COVID-19 response, face increasing rates of burnout.

In this session, ICAP technical experts will use real world examples from their own lived experiences to share best practices on creating, implementing, and measuring virtual trainings for health workers.