Quality Assurance and Case Management Advance Malaria Control in Ethiopia

April 23, 2015

When Ms. Ada Takele began working as laboratory head at Boneya Health Center in Ethiopia’s Oromia Region, the lab had no microscope, and laboratory supplies were limited. This was not an isolated situation six years ago. Many health centers, hospitals and regional reference laboratories lacked adequate equipment and supplies, and there were no standardized national training programs for laboratory professionals, consequently limiting confidence in laboratory results. Since then, Ethiopia’s Ministry of Health and ICAP have worked together to make significant progress in confronting malaria, the country’s leading communicable disease.

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By Training Nurses, ICAP is Supporting the Expansion of HIV Care and Treatment Services in Kenya

March 30, 2015

With more than 1.5 million people living with HIV, Kenya has one of the largest HIV populations in the world. Also, with over 13,000 new infant HIV infections each year, Kenya accounts for more than four percent of new pediatric infections worldwide, annually. Despite the scale up of HIV care and treatment in Kenya, a shortage of physicians has proven a major obstacle to improving access to care and timely initiation of antiretroviral treatment (ART).

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On World TB Day, ICAP Celebrates Major Milestones in Reaching and Treating TB Patients

March 23, 2015

Every March 24, on World TB Day, the world recommits to the global effort to “reach, treat, and cure” all cases of tuberculosis (TB). Since 2004, ICAP has made a significant impact on TB through initiatives to improve case detection and treatment adherence; combat stigma and discrimination; empower health workers; and build strong partnerships with governments to scale up treatment and prevention programs.

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