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    This course is an asynchronous learning opportunity to cover the basics of identifying and preparing for COVID-19. This course is intended to support front line healthcare workers as the pandemic impacts their health facilities and local communities.

    Participants can complete the course on their own time, when it is most convenient to them and at their own pace by accessing the materials through this webpage. Each module can be completed within an hour, but this will vary on pace. We do encourage participants to complete all of the modules within a week. This course is accessible through a computer, tablet or smart phones and works on a variety of web browsers and requires access to internet. Each module has specific learning objectives, interactive exercises, and a pre- and post-test questions to assess learning.

    The topics covered in this course are:

  • Module 1 COVID-19 Introduction

  • Module 2 Identifying and Testing for COVID-19

  • Module 3a Introduction to Infection Prevention and Control Chain of Infection

  • Module 3b Standard & Transmission-Based Precautions

  • Module 3c IPC Implementation Strategies

  • Module 3d IPC and WASH

  • Module 3e Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Protection against COVID-19

  • Module 4 Triage, Screening and Home Care

  • Module 5 COVID-19 Community Guidance and Responding to Myths

  • Module 6 Fostering Resilience Maintaining Essential Health Services

  • Module 7 Introduction to Quality Improvement

  • Module 8 Stress Management and Psychosocial Support

  • French

  • Module 1 : Introduction à la COVID-19

  • Module 2 : Identification et dépistage de la COVID-19

  • Module 3a : Introduction à la chaîne de prévention et de contrôle des infecti

  • Module 3b: Précautions standard et précautions liées au mode de transmission

  • Module 3c : Stratégies de mise en œuvre de la PCI

  • Module 3d : La PCI et WASH

  • Module 3e : Utilisation des équipements de protection individuelle (EPI) cont

  • Module 4 : Triage, dépistage et soins à domicile

  • Module 5 : COVID-19 : Orientation communautaire et réponse aux mythes

  • Module 6: Favoriser la résilience maintenir les services de santé essentiels

  • Module 7 : Introduction à l’amélioration de la qualité

  • Module 8 : Gestion du stress et soutien psychosocial

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