january, 2021

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Project Details

ICAP is working in close collaboration with the CDC and the National Institute of Health (INS) to strengthen Mozambique’s national disease surveillance system. ICAP currently supports INS efforts to strengthen infection prevention and control (IPC) measures, coupled with disease surveillance efforts, through the provision of ongoing technical, logistical, and human resource support. A key component of these efforts is the development and implementation of an electronic platform to track reported cases of COVID-19, which has enabled INS and the Mozambique Ministry of Health to respond to the ongoing pandemic with real-time data. ICAP is also strengthening infection prevention and control (IPC) measures in Nampula province in 59 health facilities —including the establishment of pre-triage stations for symptoms screening, handwashing stations at facility entrances and waiting areas, and the dissemination of key messages among the general public for COVID-19 prevention and treatment. ICAP is also providing emergency transportation services to the Provincial Health Management Team, expanding their capacity to transport symptomatic patients from health facilities to a designated isolation center in Nampula City. These efforts are funded through the CARES Act through the CDC.