Mirriah Vitale, MPH, has been named country director for ICAP in Mozambique.  

Ms. Vitale was acting country director from October through December 2018, and commenced her new role effective January 1, 2019. 

In Mozambique, she oversees one of ICAP’s largest country teams, with more than 300 staff. Her programmatic portfolio includes a number of multi-country initiatives, including OPTIMIZECQUIN, OpCon, and QICIP. 

“Mirriah is a highly capable leader with an impressive experience in the development of new programs of high quality and impact,” said Wafaa El-Sadr, MD, MPH, MPA, ICAP’s global director. “I am confident that, under her leadership, ICAP in Mozambique will continue to grow and thrive making an increasingly positive impact on the lives of people throughout the country.” 

Ms. Vitale joined ICAP in 2013 as a senior project officer in the Implementation Unit, where she provided crosscutting support to ICAP’s programs in Swaziland, Tanzania, Lesotho, Angola and Mozambique. Ms. Vitale moved to the Mozambique country program as the strategic planning and program management director in 2017, where she spearheaded implementation of innovative approaches to improving program performance.  

 Ms. Vitale holds a Master of Public Health degree from Loma Linda University, specializing in global and reproductive health. 


A global health leader since 2003, ICAP was founded at Columbia University with one overarching goal: to improve the health of families and communities. Together with its partners—ministries of health, large multilaterals, health care providers, and patients—ICAP strives for a world where health is available to all. To date, ICAP has addressed major public health challenges and the needs of local health systems through 6,000 sites across 30 countries. For more information about ICAP, visit: icap.columbia.edu 


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