ICAP and the Health Policy and Management Department (HPM) at the Mailman School of Public Health (MSPH) will work in partnership with the Instituto Superior de Ciências de Saúde (ISCISA) and the Ministry of Health (MISAU) to provide technical assistance to strengthen management skills for the health sector in Mozambique. This three-year project, funded by USAID, aims to address gaps in healthcare management capacity and contribute to a stronger healthcare management workforce in Mozambique.
The project will aim to review and revise the curriculum for healthcare management and administration (HMA), using a competency-based approach. The project will also work to align educational goals with urgent needs in the health sector. Through these enhancements to the HMA program, ISCISA will graduate an increasingly skilled cadre of health managers and administrators poised to lead, operationalize and manage Mozambique’s national strategies for health and policy-making.
Another goal of the project is to strengthen ISCISA as an institution of higher education and provide opportunities for student and faculty collaboration, skills and technology transfer, and links to global research networks.
ICAP and the Health Policy and Management Department at MSPH have extensive experience to undertake this important endeavor. Since 2004, ICAP has been a PEPFAR partner in Mozambique engaged in the scale-up of HIV related activities and capacity building of the health systems. It is also engaged in nursing related workforce development activities in Mozambique.  HPM at MSPH has extensive experience in training and educating health managers around the world.
“Quality health managers are essential at both strategic and operational levels of the national health system,” said Miriam Rabkin, ICAP director of health systems strategy. “This partnership with ISCISA will create a visible, vibrant HMA infrastructure and community of public health managers and leaders for Mozambique and the region.”

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