The vision of ICAP at Columbia University is healthy people, empowered communities, thriving societies. This vision is a global call to action to improve the lives and health of people all around the world. One of those actions is preparing the next generation of professionals who are ready to face the multi-faceted challenges of global public health.

That is exactly what the Next Generation program at ICAP sets out to do. By challenging students at the Columbia University to engage in real world public health projects, we support them in honing their skills, growing through difficulties, building resilience and adaptability, and challenging their understanding of working in the field of global public health.

The ‘Voices of Tomorrow’ student blog features current students and alumni who participate in the Next Generation program as interns. We will hear their experiences of working with ICAP in the field or remotely, including successes and challenges, moments of realization and learning, and advice for future students.

We hope their stories inspire you to learn more about the work of ICAP and global public health and to reflect on your own moments of growth and change.


Claire Raether, M.Ed
Training and Education Specialist, Human Resources for Health (HRH) Development
ICAP at Columbia University


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