In Ethiopia, ICAP has been helping coordinate HIV work with services offered by the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) movement.

Thirty-eight participants attended a two-day meeting to discuss the conditions of WASH and HIV services, and recommend a way forward. Opening the workshop on behalf of the Director General for Health Promotion & Disease Prevention General directorate, Dr. Tizita Hailu, noted that access to safe water and sanitation remains unrealized in Ethiopia as it is in many developing countries.

In collaboration with the Ethiopian Pediatric Society (EPS), ICAP is building on its role as the national lead on Pediatric HIV/AIDS care and treatment. As part of its ongoing relationship with EPS, ICAP sponsored the fifth annual pre-conference for EPS’s annual conference.

At the ICAP-sponsored event, the new WHO PMTCT and pediatric HIV care and treatment recommendations were presented by ICAP’s Dr. Ruby Fayorsey. The conference welcomed 146 participants working in pediatric health care in Ethiopia, including pediatricians, pediatric residents and nurses involved in pediatric care.

In collaboration with Dire Dawa, Harari, and Somali Regional Health bureaus, ICAP conducted a workshop on newborn resuscitation to help prevent newborn deaths. Lack of trained staff hinders comprehensive newborn care in Ethiopia. The workshop covered issues such as the identification of newborns requiring resuscitation, initial steps on newborn care, and provision of positive pressure ventilation. The training also included a one-day onsite one-on-one mentorship with ICAP clinical advisors. Participants included 48 health care providers from seven hospitals, six health centers, representatives from regional health bureaus, and ICAP staff in Ethiopia.

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