In honor of Women’s History Month, Huffington Post named ICAP Director Dr. Wafaa El-Sadr one of “50 Women Who Shaped America’s Health,” acknowledging El-Sadr’s pioneering of a family-focused approach to AIDS and tuberculosis treatment, care, and prevention in Harlem and around the world.

The selection of Dr. El-Sadr recognizes her development of family-centered care in HIV/AIDS clinics in Harlem Hospital during the early 1990s that provided a more inviting atmosphere for patients and enabled them to benefit from a range of health services. She also successfully integrated research into clinical care, allowing the affected populations to benefit from new discoveries. Building on her work in Harlem and the lessons learned, Dr. El-Sadr established ICAP in 2004, expanding her work in HIV/AIDS and related conditions to sub-Saharan Africa and Central Asia. Today, in sub-Saharan Africa, ICAP supports the provision of HIV care to more than one million people and lifesaving antiretroviral treatment to more than 800,000 people. Her work has centered on the strengthening of health systems to enable countries to confront HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, and other health threats.

Huffington Post’s “50 Women Who Shaped America’s Health,” brings together a list of women who have made the greatest impact in medicine and health research. In addition to Dr. El-Sadr, the list includes other distinguished female leaders such as Marie Curie, Florence Nightingale, Eleanor Roosevelt, Virginia Apgar, and Michelle Obama.

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