A recently published a community health guide, Helping Children Live with HIV, includes contributions from core leadership at ICAP.

Elaine Abrams, MD, ICAP’s senior research director, served as a medical consultant and updated biomedical information on testing and treating children for HIV.

“It is a lovely guide for community health workers to support families and caretakers to care for their children living with HIV,” Abrams said. “There is easy guidance and simple explanations on a broad array of health issues like nutrition, HIV testing, early childhood development, and giving children antiretroviral medications. With simple explanations and beautiful illustrations, the book can be added to the growing toolkit of resources helping us reach 95-95-95 for infants and children living with HIV.”

Susan Michaels-Strasser, PhD, MPH, RN, FAAN, ICAP’s senior director of human resources for health development, served as a reviewer and advisor. She used resources from the publisher – Hesperian – previously as a young nurse in rural Zimbabwe.

“Hesperian is known for developing practical approaches to address persistent public health challenges in low-resource settings and particularly settings where the number of trained health professionals is limited,” Michaels-Strasser said. “HIV-positive children have continued to lag behind adults in access to life-saving antiretroviral treatment and in achieving viral suppression. This book aims to address that gaps using clear, well-written guidelines for health workers and communities.”

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