Heidi Jugenitz, MPA, MA

Senior Advisor for Strategic Programming

Heidi Jugenitz is the senior advisor for strategic programming at ICAP, where she works to design and diffuse innovative program frameworks and approaches to advance organizational priorities and technical domains. She is a public health and public policy professional with 20 years of experience in the design, management, and implementation of large-scale public health programs in West Africa, East Africa, and the U.S. Heidi’s experience includes planning and overseeing a variety of innovative programs and interventions on behalf of CDC, USAID, and university and private-sector partners, including the piloting of a web-based and interactive voice response-based disease surveillance system in Tanzania. She has expertise in policy and landscape analysis, organizational and program strategic planning, and project design and incubation. Since 2010, Heidi has served as a consultant at ICAP in a range of strategic and programmatic capacities. In these roles, she has researched and written about diverse topics ranging from dried blood spot (DBS) sample repositories in resource-limited settings to after-school transportation barriers and solutions in Detroit, community responses to the U.S. opioid crisis, and federal and local housing policies in the U.S. since World War II.