Differentiated Service Delivery Strategic Initiative – DSD SI

In Nigeria, the burden of HIV among key populations is high, and the country has not made much progress in the control of HIV among this population. Also, states have made unequal progress in the design of differentiated service delivery (DSD) programs. The Global Fund DSD Strategic Initiative (DSD SI) was designed to provide support and technical assistance (TA) to countries as they scale up DSD models, adaptations, and innovations. ICAP provided TA to the Nigerian government in two key technical areas targeted at the general population, as well as key population groups:

  • Differentiated HIV prevention, testing, linkage, and treatment for key populations
  • Facilitating state-to-state learning exchange, including virtual and in-person visits

ICAP’s TA to the Nigerian government involved reviewing the country’s KP guidelines to determine the completeness of recommendations when compared to global normative standards. ICAP also produced an operational guide for HIV service delivery for persons in closed settings and leveraged ICAP’s CQUIN Network experience in conducting country-to-country visits to organize state-to-state learning exchange visits between Nigerian states. The state-to-state visits helped states improve their knowledge of DSD implementation, scale their DSD models and better collaborate with each other.





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