january, 2018

This is a continuing project

Strengthening Strategic Information Activities in the Kingdom of Lesotho

Project Details

With a five-year cooperative agreement from PEPFAR through the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), ICAP provides technical assistance to develop a web-based health management information system (HMIS) with IT and infrastructure support in Lesotho. The nationwide rollout of the system will support facility- and district-level data entry and data management for use at all facility, district, and central levels to strengthen evidence-based planning and monitoring of health programs and policies. The project also supports the Lesotho Ministry of Health with planning and coordination, implementing routine HIV surveillance, and maintaining an up-to-date master facility list with precise, unique facility identifiers and GPS coordinates. These activities transformed the fragmented paper-based HMIS into a robust DHIS2 based streamlined electronic system, building the Lesotho MOH HIS capacity at the national level and maintaining a functional system across the country.
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