Quality Improvement Capacity for Impact Project (QICIP)

Quality Improvement Capacity for Impact Project (QICIP)Districts (or national)National

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Through the Quality Improvement Capacity for Impact Project (QICIP), ICAP provides ministries of health and local partners with technical assistance that enables them to analyze and improve health system performance based on appropriate standards of care. Participating countries monitor program performance, identify quality challenges, explore root causes, develop targeted interventions, and conduct rapid, iterative tests of change in programs supported by PEPFAR. In Mozambique, ICAP worked with the Ministry of Health to implement a quality improvement initiative to improve rates of retention on antiretroviral treatment and viral suppression among pregnant women at 30 health facilities in Nampula Province. ICAP also adapted its training for health workers, Introduction to Quality and Quality Improvement, for the Mozambican context. This five-year cooperative agreement is funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). Find out more on the QICIP Project Page