HVTN 704/HPTN 085: Antibody Mediated Prevention (Amp Study)

HVTN 704/HPTN 085: Antibody Mediated Prevention (Amp Study)Districts (or national)Bronx

Project Details

HVTN 704/HPTN 085, or the AMP (Antibody Mediated Prevention) Study, is a five-year study testing the safety, tolerability, and prevention benefit of an experimental manufactured antibody (VRC01) against HIV. The study enrolled and followed 2,700 men and transgender people who have sex with men in North America, South America, and Switzerland and demonstrated a reduced acquisition of HIV strains that were sensitive to the antibody. Web Links: https://www.hptn.org/research/studies/177 AMP Study Website https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT02716675