january, 2018

HPTN 076: Phase II Safety and Acceptability of Injectible Rilpivirine for PrEPDistricts (or national):Bronx

Project Details

HPTN 076 was a two-year study that recruited sexually active women age 18 to 45 and evaluated the safety and acceptability of a new injectable HIV prevention medication, Rilpivirine, for use in healthy, HIV-uninfected women. (funded by the NIH) Report Links: Seneviratne HK et al. 2020. Metabolism of Long-Acting Rilpivirine Following Intramuscular Injection: HIV Prevention Trials Network Study 076 (HPTN 076). AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses. Bekker LG, et al. 2020. Safety and tolerability of injectable Rilpivirine LA in HPTN 076: A phase 2 HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis study in women. EClinicalMedicine. Tolley EE, et. al. 2019. Acceptability of a long-acting injectable HIV prevention product among us and african women: Findings from a phase 2 clinical trial (HPTN 076). J Int AIDS Soc. Web Links: https://www.hptn.org/research/studies/152