january, 2018

This is a continuing project

Global Technical Assistance

Project Details

ICAP provided support in the following areas:
  • Supported a national HIV drug resistance survey to assess prevalence and patterns of acquired drug resistance and pre-treatment drug resistance.
  • Supported the enhancement and expansion of a national District Health Information System (DHIS2) data warehouse to support HIV surveillance.
  • Helped develop a customized electronic HIV patient register and supported capacity building.
  • Assisted in estimating the national prevalence of physical, emotional, and sexual violence perpetrated against boys and girls in Lesotho with the Violence Against Children Survey.
  • Supported the evaluation of the HIV treatment cascade among pediatric populations and systems strengthening for tracking children living with HIV.
  • Supported the evaluation of integrated Tuberculosis (TB)/HIV services in health facilities in Lesotho including support for improved TB infection control.
  • Helped establish a public-private partnership between the Lesotho Ministry of Health and mining companies to provide treatment for workers and strengthen Lesotho’s National TB Program.