january, 2021

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Project Details

This research study aims to evaluate the efficacy of efforts to retain clients in HIV care in hopes to improve rates of viral suppression among adolescents (10-19 years old) living with HIV (ALHIV). During the first two years of the project, ICAP conducted formative training of health workers and led the development of a multi-component intervention strategy, which has been piloted in two high volume health centers in Nampula City to improve outcomes among HIV-positive adolescents and young adults. As the study enters its third year (Phase 2, Years 3-5) ICAP will conduct a large-scale, randomized trial to assess the effectiveness of the multi-component intervention strategy in retaining care, adherence to ART, and viral suppression among ALHIV in two districts. This study will assess sixteen sites that provide ART care to adolescents and will enroll approximately 640 ALHIV.