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ICAP began working in Zambia in 2005 to support the expansion of pediatric HIV treatment, care and support.

ICAP now works in close partnership with the Ministry of Health (MOH) and provides technical support to guide the national response to HIV. ICAP also supports the development of Zambia’s health education institutions and building the nursing and midwifery workforce.

Current Projects

HIV Impact Assessment Survey (PHIA)

ICAP is providing technical assistance to Zambia’s MOH to conduct a population-based HIV impact assessment (PHIA) survey to assess HIV prevalence, incidence and access to prevention, care and treatment services. Survey findings will be used assess the impact of Zambia’s HIV response at a national level and to help guide and target future investment and programs. (funded by PEPFAR through the CDC)

ESIS Task Order 4

ICAP is working in collaboration with the Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia (CIDRZ) to conduct an evaluation to generate information about HIV prevalence, both among the general population and among key at-risk populations. This information will be used to estimate HIV incidence and provide information about access to health services.

Nursing Education Partnership Initiative

Expanding the role of nurses and midwives is critical to meet Zambia’s national healthcare needs and addressing HIV, tuberculosis, and other diseases. ICAP is partnering with the MOH and the General Nurses Council of Zambia to build the capacity of health training institutions, enhance teaching and learning in the classroom and clinical settings, and ensure an adequate number of well-trained and qualified nurses and midwives. Through NEPI, ICAP develops innovative curricula to reduce time to accreditation, provides tuition assistance, and offers critical skills through online training in Option B+. Online at nepinetwork.org. (funded by PEPFAR through HRSA)