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South Sudan

ICAP began working in South Sudan in 2012 to support the national response to HIV and strengthen fragile health systems impacted by decades of war.

ICAP now partners with the Ministry of Health (MOH) and provides technical leadership to improve the quality and reach of HIV treatment across South Sudan.

Current Projects

Expanding HIV Care & Treatment Services

ICAP is partnering with the Ministry of Health to provide technical assistance to scale-up HIV care and treatment by supporting comprehensive, family-focused HIV care and treatment programs to increase access to ART for adults and children. This project builds on ICAP’s previous work and aims to expand: a strong continuum of care for people living with HIV; the use of data to inform evidence-based programs; and the development of new health systems, policies and tools for use at national and facility level.

Previous Projects

Technical Assistance for HIV Prevention, Care & Treatment

ICAP provided technical assistance to the MOH at the national and state level to strengthen HIV program management and implementation, including standardizing the HIV package of care and using strategic information for evidence-based decision-making. ICAP supported: a nationwide assessment of all ART sites; the development and update of national guidelines, policies, and tools; health care worker trainings in HIV and TB/HIV management; and worked with state health authorities to support clinical supervision and TA to sides providing ART. (funded by PEPFAR through CDC)