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Central Asia

In Central Asia, ICAP is strengthening health systems and supporting the response to HIV in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan.

We began partnering with the Ministries of Health in these four republics in 2010 and now provide technical assistance and implementation support to the Republican AIDS Centers, laboratories, and non-governmental organizations in order to strengthen HIV care and treatment, especially for key populations. ICAP’s office in Almaty, Kazakhstan, serves as a central technical unit for activities in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

Current Projects

Global TA: Supporting HIV Prevention, Care, and Treatment

ICAP is providing implementation support and capacity building for HIV prevention, care, and treatment services, including technical assistance and clinical mentoring for HIV care facilities, and improving laboratory capacity for quality-assured HIV-related tests. ICAP also supports HIV prevention for key populations, including medication-assisted treatment, such as methadone for people who inject drugs. (funded by PEPFAR through the CDC)

Global TA: Project ECHO

ICAP is piloting Project Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes, to help provide accessible and cost-efficient continuing professional education, medical and programmatic mentoring, and continuous quality improvement, using internet video conferencing and case-based learning. Through this project, ICAP is providing: technical support in implementing ECHO sessions; assisting countries to develop and/or revise HIV and TB curricula for ECHO sessions and coordinate continuing professional development activities and; evaluating process and outcomes. (funded by PEPFAR through the CDC)

Recently Completed Projects

Strategic Information for Health

ICAP supported the improvement of the national HIV monitoring and evaluation system, including HIV epidemiological surveillance (routine and sentinel surveillance). We supported the effective implementation and use of the modern information health management systems, namely strengthening and scale-up of the electronic HIV case management system and the development of electronic medication assisted treatment register. (funded by PEPFAR through the CDC)