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Support for PROvide MIner-friendly SErvices for Integrated TB/HIV Care (PROMISE) Study(LSO-1)

June 1, Length: 5-6 Months

Location: Maseru, Lesotho

The PROvide MIner-friendly SErvices for Integrated TB/HIV Care (PROMISE) Study is a mixed-methods implementation science study that aims to evaluate a miner-friendly intervention strategy to implement early antiretroviral therapy (ART) and concurrent isoniazid preventive therapy (IPT) for people living with HIV (PLHIV) with CD4 count >500 cells/µl in Lesotho. We will use a prospective cohort study design to evaluate the effectiveness of family-focused, integrated TB/HIV services for Basotho migrant miners and family members provided six days per week in miner-friendly service venues (MF), compared to public sector health facilities (PS), which will deliver usual integrated care for management of TB and HIV. We will measure two primary outcomes: 1) early ART initiation; and 2) IPT initiation; participants will be assessed at four time points: baseline, months 3, 6, and 9. Additionally, we will assess feasibility of the MF intervention strategy by measuring HIV testing yield to identify PLHIV with CD4 count >500 cells/µl, time spent accessing ART and IPT services, and costs associated with delivery of the MF intervention. We will also explore patients’ and providers’ perceived barriers, facilitators and preferences to understand how they impact uptake and delivery of the MF intervention. Furthermore, we will assess safety and tolerability of early ART and concurrent IPT among PLHIV with CD4 count >500 cells/µl.

Scope of Work
The student will work closely with the Lesotho and New York-based study teams to support PROMISE, including but not limited to the following:

  • Help provide trainings to study team about study standard operating procedures (SOPs), including participant recruitment and enrollment, participant interviews, completion of other follow-up data collection activities, and delivery of the interventions; mentor study team members around study implementation
  • Help provide trainings to health care workers at MF sites about completion of intervention procedures and associated documentation
  • Conduct monitoring and quality assurance on data collected for the study, including:
    • Reviewing paper forms for completeness and logic and issuing queries to research staff
    • Comparing data on paper forms with data entered into database, working with Research Assistants and Database Manager to resolve issues
    • Visiting study sites to ensure proper storage of data collection forms and intervention materials
    • Confirming eligibility of enrolled participants, including review of eligibility screening forms and informed consent forms
    • Observing participant recruitment, enrollment and data collection procedures as well as intervention procedures with research assistants at study sites
    • Reviewing intervention documents to ensure proper completion per study protocol
  • Work with the Database Manager to maintain the bulk SMS messaging system and liaise with service providers to troubleshoot when necessary
  • Work with Database Manager to maintain high quality, up-to-date study database
  • Work with Data Analyst to create data reports
  • Contribute to the completion of routine ICAP and donor study reports
  • Help plan and deliver research capacity-building seminars for collaborators in Lesotho
  • Help plan and conduct Stakeholder Advisory Group meetings to provide updates on study progress and discuss challenges and concerns
  • Other duties as assigned by Study Coordinator, Investigators or Project Coordinator

*Frequent travel to study sites in Maseru, Mafeteng and Leribe



  • Current MSPH student.
  • Excellent oral/written communication, interpersonal, organizational and computer skills
  • Flexible, open-minded, and able to easily adapt to new challenges

  • Experience living in sub-Saharan Africa or other resource limited settings
  • Background in international or U.S.-based monitoring & evaluation and/or implementation research
  • Experience working on TB- and HIV-related issues in resource-limited settings is highly desired
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Access databases
  • Experience with data analysis software and creation of reports