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Support for Program Evaluation of ICAP Service Delivery Programs & Optimizing Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Systems in Mozambique(MZ-1)

June 1, Length: 3 months

Location: Maputo City, Mozambique

Program Evaluation: Provide support on the development and implementation of program evaluations of ICAP service delivery programs to generate data for decision-making on future programmatic activities. Activities will include evaluation design, protocol and tool development, support for management and collection of baseline data, and assurance of collection of high quality data.

Optimizing ICAP in Mozambique M&E Systems: Support enhanced monitoring of ICAP’s HIV service delivery programs in Mozambique to ensure programs are aligned with and making progress toward meeting UNAIDS’s 90-90-90 targets. Activities would include identification and development of data visualization tools such as graphs, data dashboards and Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping, identifying and implementing mechanisms to strengthen internal routine data review and dissemination and optimize reporting to CDC, visualization and use of Site Improvement Monitoring System (SIMS) data, and improved monitoring of retention data. The student would also be expected to support capacity building of ICAP staff around routine data review and analysis, data visualization, and use of data for decision-making.
Scope of Work
Program Evaluation Support: The student will be expected to provide support to the Strategic Information (SI) Director and NY-based SI team on the evaluation design and protocol/ tool development. The student would also be expected to support coordination of data collection and data management during implementation of the program evaluation.

Optimizing M&E Systems: The student will be expected to identify, present and implement specific ideas or methods for data visualization, improved monitoring of retention indicators and optimized internal dissemination and external reporting of data.



  • Skills and/or experience with database management and use of statistical software for data analysis
  • Demonstrable knowledge of basic statistical measurements and descriptive statistical methods
  • Portuguese or Spanish language skills

  • Demonstrable skills and/or experience with program evaluation methods and techniques, including evaluation design, protocol and tool development, and data collection and management
  • Experience in M&E of HIV or other public health programs, including routine monitoring of programs or coordination of program evaluations
  • Experience using DHIS2 or other aggregate data management platforms; experience with GIS or other data visualization tools
  • Prior experience living or working in sub-Saharan Africa