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Positive Voices, Positive Choices: A Comprehensive Training Curriculum for Adolescent Peer Educators

Positive Voices, Positive Choices is designed to train and support adolescents living with HIV both as adolescent peer educators and active members of multidisciplinary HIV care teams. The curriculum draws on experiences and lessons learned from adult and youth peer education programs and on a growing body of literature on adolescent HIV prevention, care, and treatment.

Positive Voices, Positive Choices package includes a 15-Module Trainer Manual and an accompanying, illustrated Participant Manual that serves as a reference for adolescent peer educators during training and beyond. Topics covered include communication skills, adherence and psychosocial support, sexual and reproductive health, and how to facilitate adolescent support groups. You can adapt the curriculum to a range of settings and use it to start, scale-up, or improve adolescent peer education programs.

Available Resources

Positive Voices, Positive Choices – Trainer Manual PDF (7.47 MB) Word (13.49 MB)
Positive Voices, Positive Choices – Participant Manual PDF (5.47 MB) Word (20.68 MB)