Our Work

With more than 1,000 staff members throughout the world, ICAP implements innovative and sustainable health solutions in collaboration with local and national institutions.

ICAP strives to improve the health of families and communities through three focus areas: Programs, Research, and Training.


ICAP supports health programs that address major health issues, working in more than 3,380 health facilities across 21 countries. Using a multidisciplinary framework, ICAP-supported programs enable the provision of locally appropriate, comprehensive health services. ICAP also supports prevention activities aimed at key populations such as injection drug users, men who have sex with men, and others. Innovation characterizes ICAP’s programming and supports its novel approaches to achieve program and patient outcomes.


ICAP’s extensive research expertise is helping answer key questions of relevance to global health challenges. With a long-standing track record of technical expertise and research excellence, ICAP’s research projects assess outcomes of programs and policies as well as focus on implementation science. Findings from ICAP’s research have helped shape national and international guidelines on the treatment of HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, and other health areas.


ICAP is committed to building lasting skills and capacity building in a collaborative and supportive manner. ICAP’s diverse training programs aim to enhance the skills of individuals at all levels of health management team. Thousands of health care workers have been trained and received ongoing on-the-job mentorship, aimed at meaningful learning and skills building. ICAP also helps to implement innovations that improve critical processes such as patient tracking and systems for laboratory sample transport. Training opportunities, such as internships and fellowships are also offered by ICAP.