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In Zambia, efforts to build a sustainable health care workforce were stalled by insufficient number of clinical instructors and under-resourced teaching and learning facilities.

ICAP set out to improve the quantity and quality of the nursing and midwifery workforce. In 2011, ICAP began collaborating with Zambia’s Ministry of Health (MOH) to strengthen nursing and midwifery education at three partner institutions:

• Department of Nursing Science at University of Zambia
• Lusaka School of Nursing
• Monze School of Nursing

ICAP and partners are improved Zambia’s nursing and midwifery education by reducing time required to attain nursing and midwifery degrees; providing student tuition for all degree levels; training faculty in student evaluation methods; providing skills labs with supplies and medical equipment; and increasing student access to rural teaching facilities.

NEPI also supported a Technical Working group comprised of bilateral donors, the MOH, international nursing and midwifery organizations, and educational institutions.

Key Achievements:

• Over 980 students graduated nursing and midwifery schools
• Over 1,200 nursing and midwifery students completed skills labs