Partnerships: A key to success

Partnerships are critical to the success of ICAP programs. Housed at the Mailman School of Public Health, ICAP draws upon the rich academic resources of the School, as well as those of Columbia University. ICAP’s diverse team of researchers has expertise in crosscutting disciplines–including epidemiology, nutrition, public health, and operations research. ICAP frequently partners with experts throughout the University, drawing on current and emerging scientific evidence and best practices to support its work around the world.

An array of partnerships with international health organizations, ministries of health, and local health authorities has been central to ICAP’s achievements. ICAP also works closely with educational, non-governmental, community, and faith-based organizations to build their capacity to deliver health services. Educational partnerships with a number of African universities and professional organizations are also critical to ICAP’s efforts to build new cadres of healthcare providers and provide ongoing opportunities for medical education.

ICAP activities are supported by private foundations and by federal grants and contracts from: